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In 2009, an email for a Nonviolent Communication training called "Living Energy of Needs" landed in my inbox. Part of me shouted, "Hell Yes!" Hot off a divorce and with two young kids, the rest of me took some convincing but eventually I trusted the strength of the Inner Voice and got myself there. Taking that step years ago was a commitment to a new path, which led me step-by-step through a self-designed course of study with teachers and psychologists I admire. (During those years, I tried to resurrect my former teaching career, plied my knives as a Personal and Event Chef, and appointed myself "Community Culture Ambassador" super-duper part-timey as a Cashier at a local pool. Oddly enough, that job changed everything.) Now I work at a mental health Wellness Center facilitating peer support groups where I learn from and among many people every day.

My orientation to life changed when I learned Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. If you're interested to know or learn more about it, please reach out below.


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